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Doodle Bird Printable








This birdie is very pretty and is easy to care for, unlike the real thing :) No food, water or cleanup! It looks best when printed on kraft card stock. Just download the free files below and assemble your paper aviary.

bird instructions



db bg



Kraft paper card stock

PDF printable and die cut files


17-18 inch length floral wire

brown floral tape

tacky glue



 dl icon



  1. Print out bird pdf file on brown kraft card stock.

  2. Cut out the bird prints with scissors.

  3. Fold a 17 inch piece of floral wire in half and wrap tightly with brown floral tape.

  4. Cover the back of one bird with tacky glue, place the floral wire onto the center (as in photograph) and place the other bird on top. Press down to flatten the bird. Wait for glue to dry. Curl the bottom of the floral wire to make a base to support the bird.

  5. Cut out wings and beak. Either use the pdf files as a template, or cut out with die cut machine. Files for most machines are provided in the free download. Fold at fold lines and glue to bird.

  6. That's it. Now wasn't that quick and easy?

Zentangle inspired free bookmark printables



zentangle bookmark5

Download the free printable here

zentangle book pic
OK I admit it. I am way behind the times. In fact I am a couple of years behind the times regarding doodle art. I had no clue what Zentangle was until about a week ago. I was strolling through my favorite artist supply store and ended up in the book section.

I happened to notice a Zentangle book and was immediately drawn to  the beautiful Zentangle drawings on the books cover. These drawings looked complicated, beautiful  and mesmerizing all at the same time. Why did I not know about this? How come I hadn't been told?

As I browsed through the book , I saw the steps it took to make the complicated patterns and shapes.  It didn't seem too hard at all. I bought the book, went home and started doodling. It was quite fun and relaxing, I was hooked!

I came up with the Zentangle inspired bookmarks pictured above. Feel free to download the pdf file and print your own book marks. One can never have too many bookmarks or books for that matter :)


My bookmarks were drawn and then scanned into the computer. I then used Adobe Illustrator to clean up the art. This however is not necessary. Often beautiful hand drawn works of art have character that can never be reproduced by computer software. The choice is yours!

Free Printable Mothers day poster



poster blog post


Celebrate Mothers day with a free 11 x 17 printable. Click here to download.


I don't get on my soap box often but I do have a lot to say about the topic of motherhood. I truly believe the saying The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Being a mother and staying home to raise your children is often held as a lesser option to working outside of the home. I have worked and I have stayed home with small children. Believe me it was easier to go to work, than it was to stay home with toddlers. Once you have children however, their needs  come first.

Raising children to be  kind, loving, decent human beings is the most important job on the planet. There is nothing that matters more...

I have two daughters Erika and Catherine that are now grown. They are the lights of my life, and have brought joy and happiness into my world. I want to thank them for coming into my life, and being the people they are.

So to all the mothers out there, I wish you all the best this Mothers day. You deserve it!


Square handled chevron gift bag printable

free chevron gift bag printable

This is a free printable chevron gift bag available for download. It comes in three colors and may be printed on standard 11 x 17 (tabloid) paper. Get the templates here:

Orange chevron gift bag

Green chevron gift bag

Gold chevron gift bag

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