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Paper "cupcake" party favor box

Paper cupcake

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Make some "calorie free" paper cupcakes as a favor box for your next party.

This paper cupcake craft is cute and would be perfect as a bridal or baby shower  table decoration. Best of all, these are cupcakes that you can enjoy without guilt! I have included free die cut files for download, which include the petal shapes for the "cupcake", and the wrapper. Follow the easy instructions below.


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Turn the humble paper lunch bag into an "artsy" gift bag

lunch bag art

This paper craft project raises the lowly paper lunch bag into an "artsy"  gift bag. You don't have to have an artistic bone in your body to do this craft. All you need are black and white clip art images,a printer,  and colored pencils. If you are able to color, you can make wonderful "art" ! Easy peasy!!!

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Wrapping Paper Gift Bag/Box

box made out of wrapping paper

I was shopping at the grocery store the other day, and saw some American Greeting Wrapping Paper that I absolutely loved. I thought it would make a really cute gift bag,  and I am very happy with the results

Paper crafts can be made with almost any kind of paper, as long as there is some imagination thrown in. Wrapping paper is kind of flimsy, so to add stability, use adhesive spray to attach the wrapping paper to a 12 x 12 sheet of card stock.

These gift bags are quick and easy to make and can be easily personalized to fit any occasion. Give your friends a gift that is special and made from your heart. They will love it.


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Simply Elegant Brown and Blue Pillow Favorbox

brown and blue pillowbox

This brown and blue favor box matches the brown and blue petal invitation. Give you guests favors that follow your party theme.

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Free Printable Valentine Gift Box

Valentine paper box printable

Everyone loves to get a gift on Valentine's Day. Get a free printable and make a cute Valentine gift box! This would be lovely filed with homemade goodies and such.

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Six sided paper favor box

six sided paper box

This paper favor box is easy to make and adds a special touch to your party. You can fill it with candy or whatever! I made the example box with a paper lining but this really is unnecessary. The box is cut from one sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock and is held together by a little bit of glue

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Paper Cake Slice with lid

paper  cake slice with lid

I thought it would be a good idea to offer a second paper cake slice template with a top lid. The original template closes in the back, and sometimes it is easier to fill from above i.e you may actually want to put a slice of real cake in the favor box, and it would be possible with this paper cake box template.


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Paper Cake Slice Favor Box Craft

Paper cake slice tutorial

The Internet seems to be ablaze with this paper craft project. If you look on Flickr you can see many great versions of the paper cake slice project, but that doesn't mean that I can't add my two cents worth!

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