Some easy paper crafts, some not so easy paper crafts . . . All beautiful!

Awesome Kraft Paper Flower

paper flower craft

This is a beautiful Kraft paper flower that is an alternate version to the Spiky Kraft Paper Flower I made in a previous article. These flowers do take a bit of time, but the end results are worth it. Make a couple and arrange them in a vase with organic materials as filler. They look stunning!!

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Spiky kraft paper flowers

japanese style kraft paper flower

Do you remember the korker/corkscrew hair bow trend that was popular a couple of years ago? I was searching the Internet last week, looking for inspiration and came upon this neat little craft.

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Paper flower made out of money

Paper flower rose made out of money

June is the month that celebrates graduations. We often give graduates bouquets of flowers as a gift to mark the occasion. Flowers are nice, beautiful in fact, but most younger people would like the gift of cash flowers better! You know this is true!  :)

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Paper Flower made from a recycled wrapping paper tube and a recycled toilet paper roll.

toilet paper roll flower craft

I was looking at pins on Pinterest the other day and was amazed by the amount of creativity and inspiration available on the site. One of the type of projects that caught my eye, were the unusual crafts people made out of toilet paper rolls. I was amazed. There were wall hangings that looked like iron,  paper flowers, little animal sculptures, and even extraordinary miniature art cut inside of a cardboard role. Wow!!!

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Paper Flower made out of a brown paper grocery bag.

flower made out of grocery bags

This is a craft project you can make with your children. It is easier to make than it looks, and costs almost nothing! The hardest part is cutting out the petals and leaves. How easy is that?

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Paper Poppy Flower Craft

poppy made out of coffee filters

Poppy's are beautiful flowers, and paper versions are so easy to make. This project has paper flowers made out of three different kinds of paper, for three effects.

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Fantasy Paper Flower made out of Scrapbook Paper

paper flower craft

Are you the type of person that loves flowers, but wishes they would last a bit longer?,

Paper flower crafts may be for you. There is an amazing choice and quality of paper available today, allowing you to make realistic looking flowers.

Reda thisFantasy Paper Flower made out of Scrapbook Paper

Spiky Dahlia Scrapbook Paper Flower

paper dahlia flower

Who doesn't love flowers? This spiky dahlia welcomes spring into your home and lasts so much longer than real flowers! It takes one sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to make one dahlia (minus the leaves)



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Cattail Paper Flower Project

This paper flower project looks quite complicated but it actually quite easy to make.The cutting may seem a little difficult, but even children will be able to cut along the lines with a little help from Mom.

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