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Parchment paper luminary

parchment paper luminary paper craft

You might say I am luminary crazy. I have always loved this type of craft, and probably always will. There is something about these lights that are so pretty when lit at night. They make special events and parties that much more beautiful.

This luminary has got to be the easiest luminary ever! I mean it. All you have to do is cut out your favorite shapes out of black card stock and glue the shapes to the middle of the paper. Glue the ends together, and place over a puck light. Easy peasy!

Puck lights work very well with white parchment paper. You can find them in home improvement stores. You want to make sure you use  lights that are battery operated (always consider safety) and have 5 led lights. I normally don't care for the bluish white cast of led lights, but these look stunning with white paper and  the black cutouts. Heck, after your party you can use the puck lights in your closets or under your cabinets :) Can't beat that!


The puck lights are a tad bit bigger that 11 inches so standard 8.5 x 11 paper won't work. The slightly bigger 9 x 12 size works better. You will be able to have approximately one half  inch overlap when gluing the ends together, and about one quarter inch wiggle room.

puck lights



  1. Cut your favorite shapes out of black card stock. You can do this with a die cut machine or you can cut the shapes out by hand. If you like my shapes you can download the cutting files here.
  2. Glue the shapes onto the center of the 9 x 12 parchment paper. Make sure you make allowances for .5 inch overlap when gluing.

  3. Glue the 9 inch ends of the parchment paper together allowing for a .5 inch overlap.

  4. You should now have a long tube shape with the cutout shape in the middle.

  5. Place the tube over a lit puck light.

  6. You are done! It can't get any easier than this! Don't you agree?

Party lights made out of recycled plastic bottles




plastic water bottle recycling diy craft


Plastic trash is a serious problem. It is a fact. Every year more plastic bottles are manufactured than recycled, and it takes 5 to 6 decades for most plastic bottles to decompose. Decomposition for some types of plastic takes  much, much longer.


Why not help the planet and have some fun while you are at it. Recycle plastic bottles into cute party  lights. It isn't very hard and can be made in less than an hour.


3 bottles of Trader Joe's sparking water



As you can tell by the photo above, I really like Trader Joe's sparkling spring water, but you can use any plastic bottle that is clear and has a smooth surface.  Plastic bottles have manufactures codes printed on them. The print is unattractive but is is easily removed with a tiny bit of Goof Off . That stuff is magic!!



plastic water bottle recycling diy craft


The next step is trimming the bottom of the bottle to form the shade. If you are using Trader Joe's Spring water bottles use the bottom of the label as a cutting guide. If you are using another type of plastic can  wrap it with painters or masking tape, and use that as a cutting guide.


plastic water bottle recycling diy craft



After the bottles are trimmed you will have to decide what areas of the bottle will remain clear. Cut you designs out of vinyl or contact paper and place them on the bottle.


I used contact paper and cut the designs with my Pazzle Inspiration die cutting machine. I had no problems with cheap old contact paper on my die cutting machine. It worked so well, that I am going to make wall art next out of the left over contact paper!


You can also use scrapbooking punches,scissors, an Xacto knife etc. to block out shapes on the plastic.


After you have determined your design for your party light, the bottles are ready to be sprayed with frosting spray. I used Valspar glass frosting spray because it can be used on plastic. Valspar sprays are sold at Lowe's hardware. Make sure to check that your frosting spray is compatible with a plastic surface, as not all frosting sprays are.

 Take precautions when working with aerosol products. Always spray outside  or in a well ventilated area.


bottle cap with drilled hole


Drill a hole into the bottle cap, and run a cord to hang up your light through it. Screw the cap onto the bottle top.


Battery operated tea light



Battery operated tea lights work best with plastic bottles. Plastic bottles will melt and are dangerous  when used with candles or electric light bulbs. Always be safe, and use common sense with luminary type craft projects.


Roll out Duck Brand Removable Mounting Poster Putty, 2 oz., White (1436912) and attach it to the bottom of a battery operated tea light as in the picture above. Place the tea light upside down into the plastic bottle press down firmly.  ( Make sure to turn you tea light on) The tea lights are easily removed when you are finished.


plastic water bottle recycling diy craft



The lights look pretty both in the day and at night. They add ambiance to your gathering, and help our planet at the same time.

plastic water bottle recycling diy craft in the night time



Paper flower tealight party decoration


paper flower tea light party light
Paper flower tea light paper craft
tealight flower paper craft



Battery powered tea lights have been popular for a couple of years now. They are great party decorations because unlike regular candle tea lights, these are safe. This paper project decorates a tea light with a paper flower design made out of card stock and is easy and fast to make. These flower would look absolutely gorgeous on a buffet table or as a table decoration.

All you have to do is cut out flower parts and hot glue them onto the plastic led tea light. Just follow the directions below and soon you will have really cute and easy to make decorative party lights.

flower parts

1.Download the tea light flower project template here.

2.Cut out 7 petals from light colored card stock.

3. Cut out flower center from yellow card stock.


flower petals

4. Curl the petals lengthwise (to make them look realistic)  toward the centers  as in the photo above.

flower center

5. Curl the flower centers as in the photo above.

tea light paper flower project


6. Attach the petals around the top of the tea light with hot glue. Glue the flower center  in a circle on the top of the tea light.

7. Turn on the lights and admire your beautiful party light decorations!

Party paper lantern, luminary made from a recycled 12 pack soda carton

square paper lantern craft

This is a moderate to advanced paper craft, but fun and thrifty to make. Just save your used soda cartons, and decorate with scrapbook paper and vellum. Follow the easy instructions, below and soon you will have beautiful, cheap, party lanterns.

lantern made out of a recycled soda cartonInstructions for square paper lantern craft:

square paper lantern at night

instruction guide for square paper lantern craft



  1.  Take a 12 pack soda carton and carefully pull it apart at the glued edges.

  2. Flatten the carton into a single cardboard layer.

  3. Cover the finger insert cutout on the printed side of carton with tape. Masking tape works well for this step.

  4. Cover the finger insert cutout on the back side of the carton with tape.

  5. Measure 11 inches from the bottom fold of the carton, and cut using a ruler and xacto knife. The top of the carton is now one smooth edge.

  6. On the panel that has the tape covering the finger insert, measure and mark .5 inch frame (follow step six picture example)

  7. Using xacto knife and ruler cut out the square from panel insert.

  8. Spray the front of carton with adhesive spray, and attach paper of your choice.

  9. Turn the carton over and using xacto knife and ruler, cut from corner to corner in the form of an X.

  10. Turn the paper in center and fold on edge. Trim the paper and glue down.

  11. Cut out the center insert using an xacto knife or your favorite die cut machine. Files for most die cut machines are available for download here.

  12. Cut a piece of vellum the size of the insert, and glue to the back of the insert.

  13. Glue the insert onto the paper carton, and fold the carton into a square shape.

  14. Insert a candle and enjoy your paper lantern!
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