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Star of Bethlehem Christmas Favor Box

Christmas paper star box craft

Decorate your holiday table with this beautiful Star of Bethlehem paper craft favor box. Just follow the instructions below! These star boxes are relatively easy to make  and look lovely when filled with foil wrapped candy.

Star of Bethlehem paper craft favor box.



  1. 12"x12" piece of Cardstock.
  2. Glitter  wrapping paper ( I bought mine at Walmart, very inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors)
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. Glue Stick
  5. Scissors


  1. Download tempate
  2. Cut out template onto cardstock ( Die cut files for most machines are included in the download, or you can use scissors)
  3. Cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to cover the surface of one side of the cut template
  4. Spray one side of template with adhesive glue and place the wrapping paper onto the template and smooth out with hand.
  5. Cut around the edges of the template with scissors.
  6. Fold the template at the score marks and then unfold.
  7. Cut another sheet of wrapping paper big enough to cover the back side of the template
  8. Spray the back side of the template with spray adhesive and smooth with hand.
  9. Cut the wrapping paper to the edge of the template with scissors.
  10. Fold the template at score lines.
  11. Use a glue stick to glue tabs to the inside of the star box.
  12. Fill the Star of Bethlehem favor box with foil wrapped candy, place on your holiday table and enjoy!

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