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It's Turkey Day in the United States


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This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. This is a holiday that focuses on giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. People of all faiths and no faith celebrate this day. We all have things in our lives to be grateful for!

Families gather together to enjoy a meal featuring roasted turkey, cranberries, various other dishes and pumpkin pie for dessert. After the feast the family gathers to play board games, talk, watch the annual football games on TV or just relax!

I wish everyone that reads this blog post a most Happy Thanksgiving. I know all of you have good things to be grateful for and so do I.

Here is a list of my top 10 things I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my husband. He is the love of my life, my friend and someone who always has my back. I am not the easiest person in the world to live with, but he has been by my side for 30 years. I am a better person because of him.

2. I am so grateful for my children. Motherhood has been by far the best thing that ever happened to me. I am blessed with wonderful awesome daughters, that have grown up to be phenomenal women and human beings.

3. I am grateful for my dog Hilary. She keeps me company and always shows unconditional love.

4. I am grateful for my house. Although it is nothing fancy, it is a place of love and comfort. I am always happy to come home.

5. I am grateful for my website easypapercrafts.com. It allows me to work from home doing what I love best in the whole world. I am a lucky woman!

6. I am grateful for family and friends, that make my world an interesting and fun place.

7. I am grateful for my good health. I come from hardy stock, that has few physical problems and everyone in my family lives to ripe old ages. I am truly blessed.

8. I am grateful for my church. I love the like minded people that attend, the book study's, the many friends I have made there, and Reverend Sara. She is the most awesome minister anyone can have.

9. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel There is nothing more fun than broadening one's horizons and learning about other places and cultures.

10. Last but not least, I am grateful for all the bad things that happened to me, the struggles and challenges I have had to endure, and all of the disappointments. They have made me stronger, and helped mold me into the person I am today. Although I didn't appreciate the life lessons at the times I was experiencing them, they have made my life richer and sweeter.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

To thine own self be true. Rita's thoughts about life.



Every month Oprah Winfrey has an article in her magazine titled What I know for sure. She writes about the things she has  learned to be true in life. This got me  thinking, what have I learned for sure during my 57 years on this planet. I know that I have made a hell of a lot of mistakes. I also know that I have  had a hell of a lot of good things happen to me too. What do I really know? What is it that I know to be true that I can pass on to others?

After giving it a lot of consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of my life problems have stemmed from one thing. When I don't listen to my inner voice, and let others influence me against my better judgement, my life simply doesn't work.

Let me give you an example. I have always,always had an artistic, creative side. This has been true for me since I was a small child. I wanted to be a commercial artist when I grew up. The people in my life (especially my father) although well meaning, were totally discouraging when it came to my career choice. My father thought I should be a teacher. Teachers get three months off every summer, and really how hard can teaching kids be? Others told me to follow money. Do whatever pays the most.

So I burned through many jobs, chasing money. It never occurred to me to try to find a job in the art field, remember I was told that wasn't a good idea for me. After I married and had children, I stayed in one god awful job for 18 years. My other directed self was listening to my well meaning husband. He couldn't understand why I hated a job that payed well, had benefits and an exemplary 401K plan. This was also a job that I literally started watching the clock after I was there 3 minutes.

At the age of 45 I couldn't not listen to my inner voice any more. I quit my  awful job after returning to school to study graphic design. It was literally the best decision of my life. I was finally doing what I was meant to do in life. Was I making a ton of money? In one short  word No. Was I happy? Yes.

I have found that in life a person must always be true to their inner callings. That is the voice of God speaking. You will never go wrong following your heart. Is it scary? Sometimes. Is it challenging? Always. Will your heart sing and your soul soar? Most definitely.

Don't be one of those people that puts off your life to be lived in some future time. Enjoy doing the things that make you smile, and all will be well. This I can promise you!

Taking better pictures for your blog or website


I have to admit that I feel envious sometimes, when surfing the net or going on Pinterest. There are fabulous photos out there! How do these people do it? They can't all be done by professional photographers!  I want my photos to be like that, but I admit I have a long way to go.

I know many of you have craft blogs or sell your creations on Etsy. It is imperative to have good photos to showcase your products, or else your hard earned traffic will quickly go away. That is a topic I know something about.

I was at the local public library the other day, and when I walked past the new books section  a book just jumped out at me. This book The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos: The Best Techniques for Showcasing Your Handmade Creations  by Heidi Adnum was a gift from the universe to me.

crafters guide to taking great photos


This books'  target market is craft bloggers with limited photo experience that want to go to higher levels. If you are a professional blogger with awesome photos, this is not the book for you. It explains the basics clearly, and speaks to its readers in language that is simple to understand. The craft photos in the book provide inspiration, and will stimulate your photographic creativity.

I especially liked the part of the book that interviewed successful craft bloggers, whose sites have awesome, beautiful sharp photos. These bloggers are generous enough to share their tips with the world (thank you, thank you, thank you), which I personally found helpful and inspiring.

I highly recommend the book if you are struggling to improve the quality of your blog or website.  I learned a lot from it, and if you are a novice  or intermediate craft blogger you will too!






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