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Party paper lantern, luminary made from a recycled 12 pack soda carton

paper lanterns out of soda cartons

This is a moderate to advanced paper craft, but fun and thrifty to make. Just save your used soda cartons, and decorate with scrapbook paper and vellum. Follow the easy instructions, below and soon you will have beautiful, cheap, party lanterns.

lantern made out of a recycled soda cartonInstructions for square paper lantern craft:

square paper lantern at night

instruction guide for square paper lantern craft



  1.  Take a 12 pack soda carton and carefully pull it apart at the glued edges.

  2. Flatten the carton into a single cardboard layer.

  3. Cover the finger insert cutout on the printed side of carton with tape. Masking tape works well for this step.

  4. Cover the finger insert cutout on the back side of the carton with tape.

  5. Measure 11 inches from the bottom fold of the carton, and cut using a ruler and xacto knife. The top of the carton is now one smooth edge.

  6. On the panel that has the tape covering the finger insert, measure and mark .5 inch frame (follow step six picture example)

  7. Using xacto knife and ruler cut out the square from panel insert.

  8. Spray the front of carton with adhesive spray, and attach paper of your choice.

  9. Turn the carton over and using xacto knife and ruler, cut from corner to corner in the form of an X.

  10. Turn the paper in center and fold on edge. Trim the paper and glue down.

  11. Cut out the center insert using an xacto knife or your favorite die cut machine. Files for most die cut machines are available for download here.

  12. Cut a piece of vellum the size of the insert, and glue to the back of the insert.

  13. Glue the insert onto the paper carton, and fold the carton into a square shape.

  14. Insert a candle and enjoy your paper lantern!