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I am excited to announce that I am now writing for The Spruce (formerly as a contributing papercrafts writer.

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 Most paper lantern projects are round in shape, and I wanted to make something a little different. These are pretty with a hint of Japanese design.

The front panels were inspired by the font peoni patterns a free dingbat font. This is an absolutely beautiful font that includes many more patterns that I am sure you will love and be able to use in many of your other projects.


lanterns lit


These lanterns are easy to make if you use a die cut machine ( die cut files for lantern paper craft) but still can made by hand using a ruler and xacto knife. Just take your time and cut carefully and you will have stunning results.


Supplies needed:


template files

card stock

poster board or cardboard (only if making a lantern that hangs)

tissue paper

wire or cord




1. Cut out 3 side panels from cardstock of choice

2. Cut out front panel using die cut machine, or by hand using a ruler and xacto knife.

3. Cut a square of tissue paper and glue behind the front panel cut outs.

4. Starting with the bottom edges of panels, glue the bottom edge of the bottom piece of lantern .I used Zig 2 way glue with good results, but you can use the adhesive of your choice. Just make sure it the bond is really strong if you are planning to hang the lanterns.

5. Glue the corner sides of the lantern together.

If you want to hang the lantern you will have to cut another bottom and top piece out of cardboard and glue to the top and bottom card stock. Spray adhesive works well for this step. It is not necessary if you plan to use the luminary on a flat surface.


6. Glue the top of the lantern to the tops of the side panels as in the instruction drawing.


7. If you want to hang the lantern, punch two hole one each side of the lantern top and run a wire or cord through.


Hang your lanterns and enjoy the compliments coming your way!

Always use common sense when burning candles, and never leave a burning candle unattended.