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Using leftover scrapbook paper to make refrigerator magnets.

refrigerator magnets out of leftover scrapbook paper




bw shapesI found mine at the craft store for the bargain price of 29 cents per piece. You can't beat that!!

Just trace the wooden shapes with a pencil onto the leftover scrapbook paper. Cut the paper shape out with scissors .Glue the paper onto the wood shape with a glue stick. You can then embellish with contrasting paper shapes, bling, glitter, gems or whatever suits your fancy. After you finished embellishing, let everything dry. Once the shapes are dry, glue a magnet onto the back with a hot glue gun. Mom may have to help little ones with this step.

refrigerator magnets made with scrapbook paper
refrigerator magnets.

Place your magnets on your refrigerator and admire your craftiness!